"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Monday, December 22

playing dirty

If you were a toddler and your mommy put your dirty laundry basket in the middle of the hallway and then disappeared, what would you do?! He just kept crawling in then dumping clothes out and eventually he'd fall out too...here's a video (caution: may only be funny and cute to his mommy & daddy!)

quads are good for the snow too!

On yet another snow-filled day, daddy got a brilliant idea for some fun! He got out his quad and got the little guy all bundled up to go outside to play. Little Bubba had so much fun that when we tried to go back inside (2 hours later) he was very upset and mad at us!

At least it makes for an awesome view when everything is covered in snow!

Friday, December 19

snow days!

Little Bubba has been VERY excited about going outside to play in the snow! Every day he begs anyone who is going outside to take him with them (he'll hang on their legs and whine while pointing to the door). So, despite how much I REALLY HATE the cold, I was a good mommy and got all bundled up so he could have some fun. Here he is all ready to go outside - thanks to PJ'S for the outfit!
He just stood in the snow for a long time checking it out. It was pretty funny
I was ready to go back in after about 5 mintures, but not Little Bubba! He's such an outdoors guy! Not only that, but the cold doesn't seem to bother him at all! He definitely didn't get that from me!

Thursday, December 18

picking out a Christmas tree

A couple weeks ago we went to pick out a Christmas tree. We went to the same place we went last year and it was funny to think how a year ago I was carrying my 1 month old around while we picked a tree, and this year I was walking with my 13 month old doing the same thing...it's the first time it's really struck me how fast time has gone by!
Little Bubba was having a hard time keeping his eyes open...it was very bright and sunny that day!
Look at how big he's getting! He's such a toddler now in every sense...the way he acts, looks, everything!
We got some snow about a week ago and Little Bubba was so excited to go outside and check it out. So, daddy bundled him up and went to play...they had a good time!
That snow melted, but since we've had another snow storm this last few days that hasn't let up much. I'll post more pictures of the little guy enjoying the snow later!

Thursday, December 11

All I want for Christmas...

So, all I really want for Christmas (that I wasn't going to admit out loud) is a house (that's not an unreasonable wish, is it?!). Well, looks like my wish may actually come true! I'm trying REALLY hard not to get too attached and let my hopes get too high, there's still a lot that could fall through, but so far it looks like the deal may close by the end of the year. We have an accepted offer and everything seems to be moving forward!
The house is adorable and worth the wait!
As if all my Christmas wishes weren't already coming true...looks like I got another gift that I didn't even know was on my list! We're pregnant! We had our ultrasound a few days ago and everything looks good so far, we're in for a summer baby! While pregnancy and I don't get along and rarely agree, I have to keep my "eye on the prize"...which is a shorter pregnancy because I'm a c-section; the doctor won't let me go the full 40 weeks! (oh yeah, the baby is the "prize" too!)
A lot is going on right now and my brain is on overload! One thing at a time:
1. finish Christmas shopping
2. get new family pictures taken
3. drive to UT for Christmas with the fam
4. drive back early to sign closing docs on the house
5. move in to new home!
6. laugh that the place is still empty after moving in because we don't have any furniture! :)
7. prepare for the new baby
8. say goodbye to sleeping through the night :(
9. figure out how all those people have learned to handle more than 1 kid!
10. get more new family pictures taken

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 3


According to the newly released Little Bubba Dictionary, the word "up" means:
*I want to go UP stairs
*I want you to pick me UP
*I want whatever food you are eating from your own personal plate (not mine)
*I want whatever is in your hands (even if it's not mine)
*I want you to pick me UP and take me outside
*I want you to help me get closer to the kitty (so I can attack him)
*I want you to play with me...RIGHT NOW

So, like many words in the more commonly used Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "up" has a significant number of meanings and connotations and it is up to Mommy & Daddy to figure out exactly which definition the little guy is using!

He has started pointing his finger and pointing at things he wants, which is very helpful. However, while helpful and encouraged in toddlers...finger pointing is seen as rude and taboo with adults. Anyone else confused?! ;)

Sunday, November 23

first birthday cake

We had a pretty busy weekend and we're enjoying having Pat & Jess in town for Thanksgiving! Saturday morning I had a photo shoot with a group of girls (check out my photography blog for those photos - they'll be posted soon!) then we celebrated Little Bubba's first birthday and he finally got to have his birthday cake! He actually wasn't that interested in the cake - he wasn't quit sure what to do with it, so he just played with the frosting a little bit. He only likes new foods if it's on mommy or daddy's plates!
He had fun playing with other kids and all the balloons! Thanks so much for the gifts, he's enjoying them a lot! Happy Birthday Little Bubba!

Monday, November 10

Happy 1st Birthday...here's the flu

Little Bubba had his first birthday...although it didn't go as we'd hoped. He got sick after we got home from Utah and we were waiting to see if he was feeling better before we decided to cancel his party. Well, he was feeling much better (although he did throw up the night before) but, I was feeling HORRIBLE! I got whatever he had x10! If I was out of bed for any length of time it was only to run to the bathroom...
So, poor guy didn't get his 1st birthday party, but we're still planning to have one - when his aunt & uncle from AZ get here!
We did let him open his presents on his birthday at least... He wasn't quit sure what to do. (Notice the Superman wrapping paper!)
He got some fun ran boots from Grandma & Grandpa that he loved walking around the house in. He also absolutely LOVES the books from Mamas & Papa, thank you!

So, it wasn't a great 1st birthday, no cake, no party, bland food diet to help his tummy...but, at least he won't remember it!

Saturday, November 1


This was Little Bubba's first Halloween and there was no question as to what daddy wanted the little guy's costume to be...Superman! Daddy even dressed up at work for Halloween as Clark Kent...my litttle superheroes!

He didn't want to do the whole "trick-or-treating" thing (we went to a trunk-or-treat with his cousins), but instead just wanted to walk around. He pretty much ignored all the offers of candy and was happy just walking outside!
I was trying to get a good picture of him in his costume for daddy to see (sorry we were away for his 1st halloween!) but he kept walking away...after I saw this picture I thought it was funny...my little Superman is moving super fast!
We miss you Daddy!!!

Thursday, October 30

finally...a good plane ride

Little Bubba did really well on the plane ride to Utah. We sat by ourselves (which is ALWAYS nice) and he got to crawl around his own seat and enjoy the view.

Or, just relax...

My sister had her baby yesterday and we've been in and out of the hospital visiting. Little Bubba doesn't seem to want much to do with the hospital...must get that from his mommy (seriously...they creep me out!)
Little Bubba has hit separation anxiety pretty hard...we're working through it...
We're excited for his first Halloween...can you guess what costume daddy picked out for him?

Friday, October 24

random moments

I'm working on putting together a photo book of Little Bubba's first year and so I've been taking some random pictures of him doing whatever...
He would anticipate the flash going off and squint or close his eyes, it was pretty funny!
He was watching me watch him with the camera ready and suddenly got interested in the camera...very interested!

This is usually what he does in the mornings...hang with the dog. He LOVES having Shasta around and will follow her everywhere. Now if only I could train Shasta like the dog "Nana" from Peter Pan...!
You may have heard that Little Bubba likes to "Hulk" for us. He does it on command and we still get a good laugh out of it! He'll throw his arms up and ball his hands into fists, then squish his face like he's growling...

Wednesday, October 15

Go Beavs!

We took advantage of the nice weather in October and took some pictures of us all in our OSU gear, GO BEAVERS! My Little Bubba isn't so little anymore!

I'd like to dedicate this post to my sister and brother-in-law (six in the mix) as I know how they love Oregon too! oh, wait...don't you guys like those other guys...(boo ducks!) ;) Love you!

Wednesday, October 8

11 months

Little Bubba is 11 months old. Sometimes its hard to believe how fast time has sprinted by...but other times, its hard to believe he's not 18 and on his own yet!

(what are the chances I'll still look 18 myself when he's that age? creepy, I'm not complaining about looking young, but if my kids start to look older than me...that's creepy!)
He took his first steps a few weeks ago and now his walking efforts are affectionately referred to as "the monster stomp" (thanks to Grandpa for that...!)
But, you can see why...!
At 11 months his favorites include cheese and his Grandpa! He's about 23 lbs (feels more like 33 lbs!) and he has 4 teeth with 3 more that just made an appearance! (ever since he heard his younger cousin Drake has more teeth than him he's been working hard to catch up)
He likes to shake his head "no" and test how long it takes before he hears someone say it...
he's a keeper!

Tuesday, September 23

good dog

So, I don't have a picture of Little Bubba walking yet, but I did manage to finally get a couple of him wrestling the dog. He loves to climb all over her and she's so good with him! Shasta just lets Little Bubba do pretty much anything to her (especially share his food!) and sometimes she'll even play back, but mostly she just lays around while he pushes her and lays on her..

Tuesday, September 16

Baby Steps...

Little Bubba walked today! He took 4 steps, and I think he was just as shocked as I was, it was really fun to watch! I got out the video camera...but he decided he just couldn't remember how, but, after I put it away (of course...) he walks even more! He goes farther each time he tries...I knew he would just all-of-a-sudden decide he was ready-he's been cruisin' for months now. I'll catch him in action soon with the camera, daddy was sad that he missed little bubba's first steps, but maybe he'll get an encore showing tonight!

Saturday, September 13


In an effort to do something new and get out for a while, we went to Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel with some friends (thanks KEMM!). Bubba loved the food and enjoyed translating the craziness for us (he served a mission in Germany)! Little Bubba loved it too!

Mostly, little bubba just wanted to play with the balloon he got while we were at the mall earlier that day!
It was a lot like a farmers' market/fair but with a German theme...!

Monday, September 1

Labor Day camping trip

In keeping with family tradition...we took our usual sand dune camping trip for the holiday weekend, and as usual...little bubba loves to drive the quads! He loves to watch all the bikes, quads, sandrails, etc. drive by the camp all day.
We invited some friends to join us and experience camping in the sand. We were soooo excited that our friends from Cali came up too (P's in a Pod)! We hope you guys had fun (as much fun as you can have when you're pregnant!)!
Little Bubba mostly enjoyed spending the whole weekend with Grandpa! He also found his nose...which made for some interesting pictures...
My little John Wayne!
Bubba was totally excited about this OSU riding jersey we found...he HAD to have it!

He's already planning next year's camping trips and finding a good way to fit the car seat in the side-by-side quad for little bubba...we'll see what mommy has to say about that!