"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Sunday, November 23

first birthday cake

We had a pretty busy weekend and we're enjoying having Pat & Jess in town for Thanksgiving! Saturday morning I had a photo shoot with a group of girls (check out my photography blog for those photos - they'll be posted soon!) then we celebrated Little Bubba's first birthday and he finally got to have his birthday cake! He actually wasn't that interested in the cake - he wasn't quit sure what to do with it, so he just played with the frosting a little bit. He only likes new foods if it's on mommy or daddy's plates!
He had fun playing with other kids and all the balloons! Thanks so much for the gifts, he's enjoying them a lot! Happy Birthday Little Bubba!

Monday, November 10

Happy 1st Birthday...here's the flu

Little Bubba had his first birthday...although it didn't go as we'd hoped. He got sick after we got home from Utah and we were waiting to see if he was feeling better before we decided to cancel his party. Well, he was feeling much better (although he did throw up the night before) but, I was feeling HORRIBLE! I got whatever he had x10! If I was out of bed for any length of time it was only to run to the bathroom...
So, poor guy didn't get his 1st birthday party, but we're still planning to have one - when his aunt & uncle from AZ get here!
We did let him open his presents on his birthday at least... He wasn't quit sure what to do. (Notice the Superman wrapping paper!)
He got some fun ran boots from Grandma & Grandpa that he loved walking around the house in. He also absolutely LOVES the books from Mamas & Papa, thank you!

So, it wasn't a great 1st birthday, no cake, no party, bland food diet to help his tummy...but, at least he won't remember it!

Saturday, November 1


This was Little Bubba's first Halloween and there was no question as to what daddy wanted the little guy's costume to be...Superman! Daddy even dressed up at work for Halloween as Clark Kent...my litttle superheroes!

He didn't want to do the whole "trick-or-treating" thing (we went to a trunk-or-treat with his cousins), but instead just wanted to walk around. He pretty much ignored all the offers of candy and was happy just walking outside!
I was trying to get a good picture of him in his costume for daddy to see (sorry we were away for his 1st halloween!) but he kept walking away...after I saw this picture I thought it was funny...my little Superman is moving super fast!
We miss you Daddy!!!