"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Tuesday, September 29

Beaver fans!

One thing I love about our neighborhood is all the outgoing OSU vs. U of O fans! About half the houses in the area have either Beaver or Duck pride showing in some way (house numbers painted on the sidewalk in orange or green, flags, etc.). There's this house that you can see when you first turn onto our block that always puts up this GIANT duck on their lawn every game day and its the first thing you see when you pull in to the neighborhood...we can't have that!

So, we decided to get an OSU flag to hang outside (since our house is before the GIANT duck's!) and while we were hanging it up on game day some neighbors across the street were setting up their brand new GIANT Beaver on their lawn!!! AWESOME! I told Bruce I would never allow a GIANT ANYTHING on my lawn, but I'm glad the neighbors are doing it!Now there are 2 houses with OSU pride that show before the ducks!!! YEAH BEAVERS! As neighbors we thought it was great...and funny that we were thinking the same thing about hiding the GIANT duck!

Friday, September 25

baby blessing

Back on August 3oth we blessed the baby at church. Most of my family and Bruce's brother was able to come from out-of-state to be here for it, which was really nice! Afterwards we came back to our house for a quick brunch before my family had to start the LONG drive back and we took some pictures, but the baby wasn't too happy!

Papa and Mamas with grandchild #8...however now they have 9 as one more has arrived! We got his name from Papa's side of the family.
While my sister was here she brought 2 of her 4 kids and Little Bubba loved playing with his cousins! They did everything together, like pretend to be on cell phones...He loved having his cousin here who also likes to wrestle (she's got 2 older brothers...she can handle her own!). They were a lot of fun to watch playing together.

But, after everyone left he was pretty lonely!