"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Tuesday, February 17

He Loves Me!

We don't really do Valentine's day because I just don't really care! We weren't planning on doing anything this year either but on Friday (the day before Valentine's) my hubby surprised me at lunch by showing up at home! He had flowers and even a little poem I'm sure he made up all by himself..."Roses are red, violets are blue. Your husband Bruce will always love you!" (ahhh thanks honey!)
This really is a RARE treat for me to get flowers from my husband, I can count on one hand (with spare fingers) how many times he's done this! I love him with all my heart! Now my kitchen smells like fresh roses, yumm!

budding personality

Little Bubba has been developing quit the personality! He talks a lot, but doesn't say much! One of these days we'll actually be able to understand what he's saying. He's gotten both bottom and top mollars in (that was an interesting teething process!) but despite the new chewing capabilities, his favorite food right now is yogurt! He likes to play with doors...even if it means closing himself inside a room without a way out! I'll hear a faint knock on a door and know he's done it again! He's also become quit the helper! He likes to throw his own trash away in the garbage (we've seen him actually do it without touching anything else...amazing!). But, that also means I've found his sippy cup in the trash as well...! Baby steps!A good friend gave Little Bubba a big teddy bear that is REALLY soft and he loves it! He cuddles with it and was even wrestling around with it.
Thanks Kathy, he loves it!

Monday, February 9

the ultrasound says...

We went to the doctor's office today for an ultrasound & to see if we're having a boy or girl. The first time we did this (with Chase) I had no idea what I was looking at and couldn't tell really what anything was! This time, it was very different...I could see everthing and it was great! Now that I know what I was looking for it was a lot of fun! So...surprise, surprise, we're having another BOY!
I'm so excited and am happy either way. I think it will be nice for the boys to have each other!
I'm pretty sure we're sticking with the name we've had picked out for a while now (they're family names) Bennett Wayne.

Bruce is excited, however, he realized he needs to paint "the pink room" to accommodate a more masculine occupant! I think he was secretly hoping for a girl just so he wouldn't have to paint that room!

Sunday, February 8

loving laundry!

Who knew I'd ever be so excited to do laundry?! We finally got a washer & dryer and after a small disaster (water pipe broke while the water was on...running around trying to turn the water off, frantic phone call for help, tearing up the drywall, trip to Lowe's...no big deal -all part of being a homeowner!), we're up and running! Thanks Wayne for all your help...you're such a handy-man!

Tuesday, February 3

he's got moves!

Little Bubba is enjoying his new house! He loves running around and especially chasing the dog everywhere. He's discovered his inner rhythm and loves to dance, we laughed so hard when he first started doing it and it still makes me smile!

We also pulled out some new toys that he got for Christmas but we were waiting to use them until we moved. He really like the giant Superman punching bag, but forget punching it...he'd much rather wrestle and bounce off of it!

donkey basketball

So have you ever seen or even heard of donkey basketball?...I don't think its going to catch on any time soon, but it was entertaining for a minute or two. We went with some friends and none of us had any idea what it was or what was going on, well, it's exactly what it says it is! People came out on donkeys and TRIED to play basketball (while riding the stubborn animals)! Little Bubba watched intently for a little while and we even took him up to touch one of the donkeys, but he wasn't too sure about that!