"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Friday, August 24

Strong & Mighty RS Triathlon

I completed my first triathlon sprint this summer! Our Stake Relief Society put a lot of work into putting this together, but it was awesome! I'm so glad I participated and had such a blast I've already signed up for triathlon #2 next month!

The triathlon happened at the start of the olympics so I was all over the swimming competitions trying to take notes and get tips! I would not consider myself a strong or confident swimmer, so this was definitely my biggest challenge. That, and the fact that I hadn't ridden an actual bike in about 15 years...! So, a few weeks before the triathlon (yes, I waited till just about 3 weeks before...) I finally got a bike and got on the road. I'd been riding the stationary bikes at the gym, but this was a learning shock! Luckily I was able to ride the course a couple times before the event to get comfortable.

My times weren't too bad:

swim- 13:16, bike- 41:33, run- 28:49

for an overall time of 1:23:38 (not including transitions)

We'll see how triathlon #2 goes!

Birthday Boy & 9 years together!

 My little boy is getting big! The kids' favorite part of having a birthday is the balloons; Chase is already telling me that for his birthday he wants balloons!
 His favorite gift was some nesting egg dolls I finally found at World Market. He loves "Little Einsteins" and there is an episode with a Russian nesting egg doll. Ever since he saw it, anything that is oval or even just round he pretends is a nesting egg doll. Such a funny kid!
 Chase was obviously excited about little brother's presents too...

 This kid doesn't know how to eat a cupcake! At least there wasn't a big mess to clean up afterwards!
 At 3 years old his defining attribute is his temper! He is stubborn and head-strong and can hold a grudge like no other. He can also snuggle like you're a teddy bear, give great kisses, and loves to dance!

Our 9 year anniversary was this month too! A lot has happened these last 9 years and I know there's a lot more to come, but I couldn't imagine living life with anyone else! He's honestly my best friend and I wanted him to know what I love about him so I got this idea online and made it my own...

He took it to work and sends me a text each time he eats a piece letting me know what reason he saw. It's probably one of the sappiest things we've done... ;)

I also got him tickets to see Jeff Dunham later this month! We're both pretty excited about a good night of laughs!

a sad 4th of July

 I was all excited about a big 4th of July celebration as a new family of 5, but the kids had other plans. I think we were sick more this "summer" than during the "cold and flu season"! The boys weren't feeling good and Chase said he didn't want to watch any fireworks because they are too scary...so sewing a dress for my little girl and making this tule wreath were the extent of my 4th of July celebration. Seeing as how Independence Day is my 2nd favorite holiday...I was kinda bummed.
 But, the dress will still fit next year (as a shirt), the wreath can be used again, and we can hopefully look forward to a big celebration next year!