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- Gen. 21:6

Friday, August 24

Strong & Mighty RS Triathlon

I completed my first triathlon sprint this summer! Our Stake Relief Society put a lot of work into putting this together, but it was awesome! I'm so glad I participated and had such a blast I've already signed up for triathlon #2 next month!

The triathlon happened at the start of the olympics so I was all over the swimming competitions trying to take notes and get tips! I would not consider myself a strong or confident swimmer, so this was definitely my biggest challenge. That, and the fact that I hadn't ridden an actual bike in about 15 years...! So, a few weeks before the triathlon (yes, I waited till just about 3 weeks before...) I finally got a bike and got on the road. I'd been riding the stationary bikes at the gym, but this was a learning shock! Luckily I was able to ride the course a couple times before the event to get comfortable.

My times weren't too bad:

swim- 13:16, bike- 41:33, run- 28:49

for an overall time of 1:23:38 (not including transitions)

We'll see how triathlon #2 goes!

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