"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Sunday, September 5

pictures of the kids

Chase thought he was being so funny by wearing Grandpa's hat and running around their house...The rare occasion where he stands still for a picture and actually looks at the camera...now if I could just get a big smile to go with it we'd be set! (not asking for too much, am I?!) Bennett won't miss a chance to smile big for the camera!
This was daddy's chair when he was a little boy and we had to get a picture of Chase in it when he was younger, and now Bennett. They both love to sit and rock in it. We get to visit family in Utah in about a week and we're excited to see everyone! It'll be our first time driving with the kids...so we'll see how that goes!

Friday, September 3

more summer boating

We've been able to get to the lake a few times this summer and we've had a lot of fun! The boys love to take the boat out too and I'm glad they do so well! Bruce & I got to wakeboard together finally and that made me happy! This is about all I can do...not much! ;) Since I'm not only goofy-foot, but also goofy in general, for some reason I don't like going "toe-side" - but I'm determined to make it happen and jump!
Awww, hot cute!

Every time we go out, Bennett gets more and more involved! He likes to hold the flag and push the horn on the boat, and if daddy will let him, he even loves to drive (we just don't tell him the boat is parked on the trailer)! ;)
Chase has gone out on the tube again this year, but mostly just wants to hang in the boat and not get in the water too much. He loves to sit in daddy's lap while he's driving the boat.
Bruce really likes to wake-surf. Here he is on the opposite side of the wake than normal (showing off, I'm sure!).
Boating season is so short here it makes me sad! It's already getting dark too early and cutting into our play time! I'm just glad we're able to go and we have a lot of fun with our friends and family who come along too!