"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Thursday, October 30

finally...a good plane ride

Little Bubba did really well on the plane ride to Utah. We sat by ourselves (which is ALWAYS nice) and he got to crawl around his own seat and enjoy the view.

Or, just relax...

My sister had her baby yesterday and we've been in and out of the hospital visiting. Little Bubba doesn't seem to want much to do with the hospital...must get that from his mommy (seriously...they creep me out!)
Little Bubba has hit separation anxiety pretty hard...we're working through it...
We're excited for his first Halloween...can you guess what costume daddy picked out for him?

Friday, October 24

random moments

I'm working on putting together a photo book of Little Bubba's first year and so I've been taking some random pictures of him doing whatever...
He would anticipate the flash going off and squint or close his eyes, it was pretty funny!
He was watching me watch him with the camera ready and suddenly got interested in the camera...very interested!

This is usually what he does in the mornings...hang with the dog. He LOVES having Shasta around and will follow her everywhere. Now if only I could train Shasta like the dog "Nana" from Peter Pan...!
You may have heard that Little Bubba likes to "Hulk" for us. He does it on command and we still get a good laugh out of it! He'll throw his arms up and ball his hands into fists, then squish his face like he's growling...

Wednesday, October 15

Go Beavs!

We took advantage of the nice weather in October and took some pictures of us all in our OSU gear, GO BEAVERS! My Little Bubba isn't so little anymore!

I'd like to dedicate this post to my sister and brother-in-law (six in the mix) as I know how they love Oregon too! oh, wait...don't you guys like those other guys...(boo ducks!) ;) Love you!

Wednesday, October 8

11 months

Little Bubba is 11 months old. Sometimes its hard to believe how fast time has sprinted by...but other times, its hard to believe he's not 18 and on his own yet!

(what are the chances I'll still look 18 myself when he's that age? creepy, I'm not complaining about looking young, but if my kids start to look older than me...that's creepy!)
He took his first steps a few weeks ago and now his walking efforts are affectionately referred to as "the monster stomp" (thanks to Grandpa for that...!)
But, you can see why...!
At 11 months his favorites include cheese and his Grandpa! He's about 23 lbs (feels more like 33 lbs!) and he has 4 teeth with 3 more that just made an appearance! (ever since he heard his younger cousin Drake has more teeth than him he's been working hard to catch up)
He likes to shake his head "no" and test how long it takes before he hears someone say it...
he's a keeper!