"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Friday, December 17

what we've been doing...

We let this little guy help bake a couple times...he loves to help stir the bowl!
For Thanksgiving I baked a couple pies...except if you're my mom you would say I cheated and it doesn't count (I used canned filling for one and boxed pie crust...such a disappointment to my mom who bakes anywhere from 8-13 pies each Thanksgiving entirely from scratch!!! it's hard to top that!) I really missed your pies this year mom!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at Bruce's parents' and had a good time hangin' out with family for dessert later that evening.I love getting a Christmas tree and I "encouraged" Bruce every day after Thanksgiving until we finally went to get one! It's about 8' tall and wide...just like I like them (no skinny, anorexic trees for me!)
Besides...we still don't have much by way of furniture in our front room (a piano and a single, lonely side chair) so getting a big tree would help fill it up! ;) Ever since we got the tree up and decorated this guy has been obsessed! He loves Christmas trees and points them out wherever we go and every time he sees it in a movie (The Polar Express is big in home right now). He found this Christmas tree night light and it's his perfect decoration for his room! The day we got it he just held it the who time until it was time for bed and he could plug it in.
We're so ready for the Christmas season and we look forward to what the new year has to bring (like 2 new baby nephews come January!!!)

Saturday, December 4

family visit

"PB&J" (as Bruce calls his brother's family) came to visit before Thanksgiving. We got to see their little guy and catch-up!

These 2 are so different, yet so similar at the same time...brothers! Chase loved all the family time and activity that went on the whole week and warmed up to his uncle quit fast!
("Patrick, can you help me?") I love this girl! She cut me hair for me and I LOVE it! And, it was so nice having a work-out buddy at the gym for a week!
We went on a date with Patrick and Jessica (and cousins!) and we did dinner and a movie...it will be a memorable night if only for how HORRIBLE the movie was! It made poor Jess sick...literally! ;)
Jess & I went bowling for a "girls' night" with a couple cousins, and it's a good thing I forgot my camera, 'cause we weren't that good! I watched some teenager next to us bowl while he was texting and get a strike...I was lucky if I could lift the bowling ball! :)
We had a great time though and it was so nice getting to see them! We're hoping to make a trip to AZ again this spring and spend more time with PB&J!