"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Monday, March 30

successful day?

Today I got up and fed the little guy breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the downstairs, mopped the floors, created & emailed a newsletter for church, took a shower AND washed my hair! All before 10:30 am...I'd say it's been a pretty successful day!
Now...if I could just win the lottery and manage to get a long nap too...!Here's the little guy helping me take pictures at church, he was showing all the women how you pose and look at the camera when it's pointed at you!

Tuesday, March 24

want it...

I want this chair from Pier 1 Imports...but there's no way I'm spending $450 on it, even if it is "on sale". Oh well...Little Bubba is enjoying the empty, furniture-challenged house right now!

Friday, March 20

folding his arms

Just these last couple days, Little Bubba has started folding his arms for prayer. It's really adorable and I can't believe he actually does something we ask him to! (obeying is NOT one of his best traits right now!) He doesn't keep them folded, but hey it's a start!
He won't say the words he used to and we think he's just being stubborn about the whole talking thing...why use words when screaming and whining work too?! And this way, mommy gets to work on her patience problem at the same time!

But, when I see him fold his arms for prayer, I think we must be doing something right!

Tuesday, March 10

Happy Birthday Dr.!

We've officially started the birthday festivities! Birthdays have turned into a week-long event in my family due mostly to busy schedules and chaotic lives! Now that I've got a family of my own...not much has changed there!
I got up early (which I DON'T do for just anyone) and made my man some cinnamon rolls for breakfast (it took a lot of time popping open the Pillsbury can!) and also today they celebrated B.'s birthday at his office and they decorated his area with Superman stuff (you can get older, but you never really grow up!). We (of course the little guy had to help!) opened presents after he got home.Little Bubba got his daddy some new running shoes...which daddy needs in order to keep up with him now! His oh-so-loving, amazingly thoughtful, giving, extraordinary wife (his words, I assure you...!) got him a massage, he has an appointment for relaxation later this week! (hint to my hubby...I have a birthday coming up soon too!)

Because of the Superman themed party at his office today, we surprised B. right before lunch and the little guy was wearing a Superman cape. He was VERY excited to see daddy and started cheering when we pulled into the parking lot...he recognizes the building now, how funny!
After dinner B. put the cape on the little guy again and he thought that was great! He started running all around the house just watching it fly behind him. Then he'd also try to hide behind it. Life father, like son!!!
Aside from B.'s favorite cassarole and lemon cupcakes (his favorite...definitely NOT mine!) that I made today for him, we're having his birthday dinner with his parents later this week (like I said...week-long birthdays are now a tradition!). Also coming up, we're going out to the movies! Usually we go out to a restaurant of the birthday boy's choice and invite any family or friends that want to come, but this year he decided he just wanted to go to the movies with me instead (ahh how sweet), I'm good with that too!
(and p.s. - we don't care that you're old!)

Wednesday, March 4

evening at the park

After dinner we decided to take the little guy to a park nearby (no rain today!). Mostly he was interested in just walking around, or the 2 dogs that were there with their owner, but we got him to try a few things. Its an older park in a small neighborhood so there were some old school playground toys there, like an old-fashioned single, super tall slide (okay so it probably just seemed super tall when we were kids...). And, there were these rocking horses there too -haven't seen those on a playground in ages!

I'm SO ready for the weather to warm up, give me summer (I'll skip spring if I can have summer!). It will be nice to let Little Bubba get out of the house and play! (not that he wouldn't love to go out and play in the rain and mud...every mom's dream-come-true!)