"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Saturday, July 19

girls camp

I've had a pretty busy week; I was the "official" photographer for girls' camp. It was a learning experience, but I had a great time! I had to leave little bubba while I was up at camp and it was his first big babysitting experience. He did okay, I think it was harder for me!

By-the-way...thanks to P's in a Pod for the family sticker idea (and congrats on the great news)!

Wednesday, July 9

random thought...

If your life was a movie/show, what category would it be?

Probably a comedy; like one of those movies that's really dumb and only funny at 2am, but for some reason you keep watching it over and over again! Although...sometimes I feel like its an infomertial with the endless random trivia my hubby has mastered. Maybe our life should be a game show!
So tell me...what category fits your life?

Sunday, July 6

sand & fireworks

Things we love about camping at the dunes...

  • cooking with a stove
  • using an indoor, private bathroom
  • hot running water for a shower
  • sleeping in a bed; not on the ground
  • watching a DVD in bed

Thanks to Bruce's parents for letting us "bunk" with them! That's definitely the way to "camp"!!!

The little guy did great again, he's getting another tooth in on top now! I was playing and holding him upside down in my lap and that's how I found it...we had no idea he was teething! How did I get so lucky to have such an easy-going little boy?!!!
We wanted little bubba to see his first fireworks show (they don't allow them at the dunes) so we waited till we got home. He was sooo tired from the trip that we didn't want to keep him up late until it got dark...he doesn't know its supposed to be dark anyways!
He watched intently...

Tuesday, July 1

on the go...

We had such a busy weekend, and it just keeps on going...
On Friday night we planned our date night which was to include rented movies, snacks, and a cozy couch...but I had a wedding rehearsal I needed to go to first (I was the photographer for the wedding this weekend).
We were also invited to go to the lake with some friends from work to enjoy the hot weather (finally...some sun!). We had a blast (of course), even though the water was REALLY cold! The last time we went to the lake (just a few weeks ago) it was in AZ and the water was great! Along with wakeboarding, Bruce also busted out his slalom ski skills...way to go babe! D & I were determined NOT to fall into the ice water!
Yes, I've mention it before...I have totally mad skills on the wakeboard. My best trick is called "getting up and not dying" after that, I just didn't think there was anything else I needed to master! But, the little man thinks I'm awesome and LOVED watching everyone do their thing!

Little bubba loved getting in the water even though I thought it was WAY TOO COLD! He had no problem getting in and even swam with daddy a little bit!
By the end of the afternoon he was beat! He relaxed at the front of the boat in the shade.
aaawww, hot cute!
I also shot a wedding this weekend and it was outdoors, meaning after all this fun in the sun I have a nice red tone to my skin!
Now, we're getting everything ready again to go camping at the dunes for the holiday weekend!
Happy Independence Day everyone, be sure to thank a veteran!!!