"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Wednesday, January 27


This little guy sure does like the camera! I've been wanting to get more pictures of the boys together, but Little Bubba only cooperates when he's the center of attention and the only act on stage!He likes to brush his teeth....(hmm I wonder where he gets that from, 'cause it's definitely NOT his mommy!). He's slowly getting interested in the potty training thing...but usually only when it doesn't interfere with playtime (which might be why we haven't had much luck yet...!) We took him to pick out some "big boy undies" and he chose 'Thomas the Train'. I'm not pushing him, but I am trying to find ways to encourage the interest in potty training!
He FINALLY likes going to nursery at church now as we recently discovered a couple weeks ago when we had to leave early. He cried and screamed when we got in the car and kept pointing back at the church saying he wanted "nursey". It only took 8 months, but he finally likes it! He still cries when daddy leaves, but calms right down - this is HUGE! Now if we could just get him to not act like such a bully to the other kids...one thing at a time...

Monday, January 18

6 months later

Our little guy is always so smiley! He gives me a big smile when I get him each morning and after naps and he's always got a big smile ready for daddy when he gets home from work. He's definitely a happy boy! He weighs 19lbs.3 oz. and is about 27'' tall (almost exactly the same as his older brother at this age!). These last 6 months have gone by fast for me! He can sit up on his own pretty well now and he loves most foods (except for green veggies...he takes his sweet time eating those, but give him squash or carrots and it's gone faster than I can spoon it out!). He thinks his brother is the most entertaining person he's ever seen (probably is!) and he's VERY tickleish. He's found his voice and likes to make himself heard!

We changed him over to a regular car seat, and not the carrier - mommy's arms couldn't handle the work-out anymore!
(his hood fell over his face and he fell asleep...I think he thought it was "lights out")
This last week I worked on getting him to sleep through the night and not wake up for a bottle (I got him down to 2 oz. and he would still wake up...is 2 oz. really worth it?!) He's doing really well and might wake up once, but he'll fall back asleep - let the restful nights begin! ahhhhh, I'm SO READY FOR THIS!

I'm excited to visit my family in a few weeks and for them to spend some time with the little guy. I'm lucky enough to have great in-laws who can take Chase while daddy's at work so me and Bennett can go out-of-town for the weekend! (Chase isn't getting left out of anything...he'll think spending a whole day with Grandpa is the best vacation ever!)