"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Tuesday, January 25

starting Sunbeams & Nursery

It's a big year for Chase, he gets to be in Sunbeams at church now! Also, Bennett gets to finally go and play in nursery (not sure who's more excited; him or mommy & daddy!). They've both done ok so far...they aren't completely comfortable with the new routine yet, but they're getting used to it. Chase finally went to Sunbeams and Primary the whole time without needing me (I've either sat with him or subed his class the first 3 weeks), hopefully he continues!
Bennett still gets a little upset after a while in nursery, but I think he just hasn't been feeling well, so hopefully this next week will go great! What will I do with myself if I'm not roaming the halls with kids? What are they even teaching in class this year (and where is class?)?! haha!

Saturday, January 15

Christmas 2010

Chase could not wait until "Ma" and "Papa" came over on Christmas morning, he was so excited to see everything under the tree! We kept reminding him we needed to wait for Ma and Papa, so he would just sit right be the tree and look or sit on the stairs by the door waiting for them to arrive. We did stockings then had Christmas breakfast before opening presents...I don't think we could've held the kids off any longer!Bennett knew what he was doing and loved opening the gifts just as much as the rest of us!Bennett loves to play with his big brother's Toy Story stuff, so he was pretty happy to get his own!Chase was so much fun this year! He really got into it and loved everything about Christmas this year - the lights, Christmas movies, music, and of course, the presents...we had an FHE on the real reason for Christmas and talked about Christ's birth...not sure it really sunk in yet...we'll try again next year!Chase was so excited for everything he opened, even if it was clothes or something he had no idea about; he would still yell "Ooohhh, Wow!" so fun to watch him this year!Santa might have gotten Bennett something that was just as tall as him! He took his time tearing piece by piece, but eventually he got the whole thing unwrapped!Daddy set up the Toy Story 3 train set that Chase got from Santa and for 2 days straight Chase spent the whole time in his room just watching the train go round and round!We went over to Bruce's parent's for Christmas dinner and more gifts. The boys insisted on wearing their new Buzz and Woody costumes they got.

We had a great Christmas and it was especially fun with both the boys this year. We're excited for this new year and everything that it might bring! The boys are growing up fast and we hope to do more fun things together as a family this year!