"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Saturday, October 30

Disney on Ice

I thought it would be fun to take Chase to see Disney on Ice this year. We had plans to go with some friends, but things changed and it ended up just being a little date with me and my little guy! We started the evening off by going out to frozen yogurt - LOVE IT! Chase mostly just likes to eat the toppings...After we got there, I let him pick a souvenier before we sat down for the show; he picked a shiny Buzz Lightyear...surprise, surprise!

Every morning Chase comes downstairs asking to watch Mickey Mouse, so when I told him we were going to see Mickey with Disney on Ice, he was VERY excited! The whole drive he kept saying, "Going to see Mickey Mouse!"
They saved the Toy Story characters for the very last and that really got Chase excited - seeing Mickey and Buzz & Woody at the same time!

He did great, even with the late night. I had such a great time just being one-on-one with my little guy and I'm looking forward to going as a family next year!

Wednesday, October 27

I tried...again

One of these days I'm going to get a picture of both my little guys together AND looking at the camera! I don't even care if they are smiling...just LOOK at the camera! ;) I was doing a senior portrait shoot for a family friend and the two little ones had to tag along. During a break I noticed they were both sitting together, so I tried to "sneak" a picture...Bennett caught on and started looking and smiling for me, but as soon as Chase saw what I was doing (he was a little "zoned" for a bit)...He did what he does best, and ran away!
Oh well, I tried. Again.
what's the definition of insanity again?...
*check out my photography blog, I've updated and posted pictures from my latest projects with losts more still to come!

Thursday, October 7

enjoying the pretty fall!

I'm shocked at the beautiful, sunny fall days we've been having! I made sure the boys got to play outside as much as they could to enjoy it while it lasted...lots of rain ahead! They've started playing together more and Chase has even started sharing his toys...as long as he can push and/or pull his little brother all around the yard!

Bennett is getting so big and talking more and more every day. He was so excited the first day he got to play in the backyard without mommy right at his side to stop him from doing all the "fun" stuff...like playing in the dirt and bushes!

This is the best I can get of Chase anymore...he rarely slows down long enough for me to get a picture!

Monday, October 4

playing with cousins

We visited family recently and it was the first time we made the 11-12 hour drive with the kids...they did okay the first time and much better on the way home. We stopped for a break and quick bite to eat at a McDonald's on the way there and kids loved being able to run around for a bit!
This is the first time this little guy has ever gotten to play on something like this (it's the first time either boy has played at a McDonald's...haha) so he was having a blast! From the time we got there both the boys were so excited to have cousins to play with anytime they wanted! All the kids got along well...as long as "Thomas the Train" wasn't involved...

We had a great time and loved seeing the kids enjoy themselves! They sure do love their cousins!