"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Tuesday, May 27

Memorial holiday weekend

So, I have some fun pictures on my new digital camera from our camping trip at the sand dunes this last weekend, however, I can't get the pictures to load on our OLD computer! We REALLY need to update our computer...it's making me crazy!
Hopefully I can get it to work later...we did have a great time though! The weather was fantastic! No rain the entire weekend (for being at the coast, that's amazing) and we had sun and little bubba was so good the whole time, the noise from all the ATV's didn't bother him at all! Bruce & I got to go on a couple quad rides with each other while Grandpa watched the little guy....and best of all...nobody got hurt!
I'm looking forward to going again for Independence Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21

gotta love the ocean!

During the weekend we decided to drive over to the coast and enjoy the sunny weather and some of the cousins joined us too!
I love the ocean and it was our little man's first time there!
He absolutely loved watching the waves roll in and out.
There were some people actually playing IN the ocean, which always amazes me...'cause the water is always soooo cold!
We don't usually get too many pictures of our little family 'cause one of us is usually behind the camera...so it was nice to have some friends with us to help "caputure the moment".
This is my favorite picture! Chase was having so much fun, we love to hear him laugh!
But, before we left for the coast we HAD to play in Grandpa's new side-by-side (of course!) The guys were getting the quads ready for Memorial weekend...camping at the dunes, yeah!!!

Friday, May 16

6 months...

At 6 months little bubba still loves to grab his toes and he's such a happy baby boy! He's developing quit a sense of humor, but more important...thinks mommy and daddy are funny and laughs at their jokes! He's about 19 1/2 lbs. and just over 27'' tall! He does tricks! He's discovered rolling over (both directions) and has learned its a great way to get around. He can sit up on his own. He likes baths, books, the dogs, and playing "hide-and-seek" under his blankets. He LOVES food and is taking solids very well.
He'll try anything (except rice cereal...but from what I've heard it's pretty gross, so I don't blame him!).
He likes to play with the spoon when he's done eating, and right now his favorite food is carrots. We've only given him oatmeal and vegetables...hoping he'll still like them after he discovers the sweeter taste of yummy fruits! He's just starting to like juice (I've offered it to him off-and-on for about 2 months, but wasn't too interested).
And just a week ago he started getting his first tooth! Now 2 of his bottom teeth are poking through and we're surprised at how well he's done with teething so far...
He's full of smiles and quit the flirt at Costco...!
He's our little bubba and we love him!

Tuesday, May 13

vegetable garden

This last weekend we got started on the garden. I've been wanting to plan a vegetable garden for over a year now and thanks to my in-laws, they have the planters and space for us to do it! I don't exactly have a green thumb, so this will be an interesting endeavor!

We still have some more work to do (more things to plant) but our biggest task will be keeping the deer away and the dogs from digging up the fruits (or veggies!) of our labor!
The funniest part of this whole thing...I don't really like too many vegetables, so I'm not sure why I've been wanting so badly to plant a vegetable garden...oh well!

Friday, May 9

what a cutie!

It was such a nice day today! We met up with some of the family and enjoyed a fun afternoon at the park. Little bubba is sporting his new shades (which work great!...as a chew toy!!!). He was all smiles -he's such a happy baby, which makes for a happy mommy too! This is little bubba's new favorite toy...he's got all the little activities figured out and he can turn himself around (the seat can turn in a circle) he loves to watch the dogs while he's in his seat - especially since they're at eye level with him!
Sometimes you just gotta do whatever it takes to get 'em to sleep, right?! The swing really does comes in handy sometimes!