"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Saturday, March 12


Happy birthday to my favorite husband ever!
I wanted to surprise him with a night away and it took a lot of "little white lies" to make it work, but I managed to pull it off! When he got home from work on the Friday before his birthday he was welcomed by a beautiful wife all ready to go out for a date! He went to change while I snuck away to get the babysitter. I didn't tell him where we were going until we got there (dinner at Claim Jumper) then surprised him again by arranging to have our good friends meet us there for dinner!
But I wasn't done...the last surprise was that we weren't going home! I booked a hotel and we got to enjoy a night away from kids and early morning wake-ups!
The next day we made a trip to Trader Joe's (love that place!) and it was fantastic not to have two little toddlers running around pulling everything off the shelves! We finished our "weekend away" with lunch at an Indian food restaurant that he loves and then it was back to reality!
In true family tradition his birthday was spread out over a week and we enjoyed ribs for his birthday dinner! I'm not sure who was more excited about the vintage Superman lunch box, daddy or Chase!

He wanted one of his favorites for dessert instead of birthday cake - Lemon Cream Cheese Pie, and since it's his birthday that's what we had!

Love you babe and I hope you had a great birthday ya' old man!

Wednesday, March 9

much better this trip

We made the 12 hour drive to visit my family and the boys did much better this time! They still don't sleep well in the car but the new dual-screen portable dvd player made the trip bearable! The boys thought it was so great they each got their own screen to watch and kept sneeking glances at each others to see if they were watching something different. I almost missed this sign (again - I try to remember to get a picture every time we drive by) but I think it's hilarious and had to get a shot (as bad as the picture is)! We went to the mall one afternoon and the kids got the play; such a natural!
We took the boys and a cousin on the train for their first time and they loved it! It would've been perfect if it wasn't for the 45 minute wait to come back...not enough time to go anywhere and too much time for the boys to sit and wait patiently! They ended up running around the train until one of the workers let them push the button for the horn! (he said, just DON'T push the yellow button...now I'm REALLY curious what that button does!!!)

watching everything rush by the train
They both love trains and thought this was so fun!
It was Valentine's weekend, hence the hearts on the windows.

It was a quick trip, but we wanted to be their for our nephew's baby blessing! We loved seeing the family and how all the nephews and neice have grown up so much, we love you guys!

2 cuties

This guy has become quit obsessed with stickers. It started because every time we go to the gym they get a sticker on their back with a number to help keep track of each kid and who they belong to. Now, he figured out that when we go to the bank they have stickers to hand out also, and makes sure to ask for one.
One day he found a bunch of little stickers and thought it was funny to put them all over his face...but he was stubborn about taking a picture! (wonder where he gets that...) He's also recently discovered the iPod and loves to watch Mater cartoons on youtube with it.
The little guy likes to wear daddy's hat and shoes all the time and see how far he can make it around the house.
He also LOVES to play the piano. He will go play all on his own throughout the day.
But then big brother comes along and tries to take over most times.
These two are definitely busy and keeping us on our toes!