"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Tuesday, October 27

hangin' out

We've been hangin' out these past few days at home as a couple of us have been sick. We're feeling a little better and we appreciate Bruce being able to stay home a couple days to take care of us!
I got a few pictures of the boys while we were all feeling better (funny how later that night things got worse again...). My little guy is almost 4 months old now - he's growing constantly and pretty much has skipped over all his 3-6 mo. clothes.

Chase likes to make his little brother smile and laugh, but after getting caught with the camera he gets shy.
A while ago I finished Chase's room and finally got to hang some stuff on the wall (my sis made me the name blocks and I made his name boards over 2 years ago and just now am getting to use them!)

We're not sure how much we're going to do this weekend for Halloween, we're still not feeling all that great and the last thing a 2 year old needs when he's got a tummy ache is a bunch of candy! (mommy's don't need it either when they're working on getting back in shape!)

Thursday, October 22

carving pumpkins

We got together with some friends and carved pumpkins last weekend. We said it was for the kids, but I don't remember seeing the kids helping us! ;)
I forgot how much I actually don't like cleaning out pumpkins...it's really pretty gross!

I even gave Little Bubba the chance to reach in and help clean out the pumpkin and he looked at me like I was crazy! "No." was all he said!

We had a good time hangin' out with friends though.
Maybe next year I'll just paint the pumpkins...

Wednesday, October 21

helping others

Right now at church we're taking part in this year's "Make A Difference Day" which is an interfaith food drive. We're asked to help by donating peanut butter.
Well, Monday evening for FHE we did a small lesson (with an almost 2 yr old it has to be small and quick!) on helping others. We talked about how Chase is a good helper at home and how he can also be a good helper to others. We talked about how there are other families who need food and how we can help by asking our neighbors to donate some food too. So, we then went for a walk around our neighborhood and handed out flyers talking about our efforts and asking them to donate some peanut butter for the food drive as well. We are leaving a box outside our door for anyone who wants to participate. Chase LOVED it! He was so excited to go for a walk and then when he saw we were walking up to all the doors, he got even more excited. He liked that we even let him hold the flyers.

It was really fun to see him having so much fun with this, and hopefully one day he'll more fully grasp the idea of helping others (but for now, I just think he liked going for a walk!).

Yesterday we got home from running errands and as I was unloading the car Chase grabbed his shoes (he likes to take them off in the car) and ran them inside to put them away in the hall closet. I said, "Awesome! Good helper Chase!" and you know what he yelled back to me as he was running down the hall........."I KNOW!"

Tuesday, October 13

Hawaiian leis

Over the weekend we went to a surprise 70th birthday party for one of Bruce's uncles. Little Bubba was shy at first and would only sit on Grandpa's lap, but after a while he was the life of the party! He began collecting leis... By the time we got ready to leave he had collected 22 leis that he was wearing around his neck...he thought he was quit funny too!
Bennett loved the attention he was getting and even cracked a few smiles for people. He's started laughing and daddy and I are really loving this new addition to the family! He's even more bald than his brother was as a baby...if that's even possible! Our baby is already 3 months old!

Friday, October 2

big boy bed

Chase is in his "big boy" bed now! We finally got the bunk beds put together and Little Bubba had no problem adjusting. He loves his big bed and especially the "Cars" sheets he gets to sleep on (he got to pick them out and was VERY excited). We've been lucky so far and he hasn't tried to get out of bed and wonder...but he's been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the past couple months so this isn't much of a change for him in that sense!I'm working on finishing up his room and getting all the shelves and pictures up on the walls...it'll be the first room in the house to be all done!