"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Saturday, December 26

'twas baby's first Christmas (and Chase's 3rd...)

Chase was really into all the Christmas lights this year, which meant listening to him screem out "TREE!" at every house that had any kind of lights up. Right after Thanksgiving when all the Christmas lights came out we pointed to our neighbors across the street who had their Christmas tree all lit up in their front window and told Chase, "Look at the tree!"...well, now he thinks all lights mean "tree"...oh well, we'll fix that next year!

We went with some friends to P.I.R. where they let you drive on the race track and they have these huge light displays. It was a nice, warm way to enjoy the lights!

We had the annual family (extended included) Christmas dinner and it was fun to watch the kids get sooo excited when Santa came to visit! Chase, however, wanted nothing to do with him...there is a picture of him screaming on Santa's lap that I need to get from Bruce's cousin. I had to have at least one, no matter how mad it made him!Right before Christmas pretty much all of us got sick with an annoying cold, so this is how we spent our time. Poor guy really wasn't feeling good, but that meant he got to watch "Polar Express" over and over.This was the first Christmas that required Bruce to put together something before Christmas morning, aahhhhhh what a milestone! haha

Christmas morning started a little rough as Chase wasn't feeling too great. He didn't want to look in his stocking until daddy showed him that Santa brought a new car for him, "Mater". Then Chase cheered right up!Of course, Bennett had no idea what was going on. He just thought it was great to play with all the paper!He did get excited about some new toys that he got (we're still explaining to Chase that these are for Bennett...it's really hard to reason with a 2 year old!)

Even though they lost (big time) in their bowl game...we still love OSU! And, I got a keychain to show my pride!

It's pretty easy to figure out what Bruce likes...SUPERMAN! He got some new Superman pajamas and Chase has developed the same love for the action hero too.

Chase is still obsessed with "Cars" and so that's mostly what he got for Christmas. He was so excited that he wouldn't open up any more presents because he just wanted to play with his new car. Bruce had to open his other gifts so he could see that he got more fun stuff. Santa brought Chase his very own car this year! (do you think it will last until he's 16?!) It took a while to get him to open it, but after he finally turned around to see what it was he jumped right in and hasn't gotten out for much since! He loves his car and asks to play with it as soon as he gets up in the morning and from his naps. He'll even try to eat his snacks in it! Good job Santa!

My parents put together this amazing book with our family history and gave it to us "kids" for Christmas. It has pictures and stories of family members from generations past. I can't believe how many hours went into putting that together, thanks so much!

Bennett was just happy to be part of the action! He liked all the wrapping paper and boxes and it was nice to have at least one of my kids in a good mood on Christmas!

After opening stockings and gifts at our house, we got ready and went over to Grandma and Grandpa's to open more gifts. I'm not sure what's with the funny face Bennett is making (above), but I love the little shoes he got for Christmas from his Grandparents!

This is about when the pictures stopped...! The kids were ready for naps and still weren't feeling all that great. My in-laws are always so great and I really appreciated them letting me have Christmas morning at my house with them! One of the gifts I'm VERY excited about is a label maker they got me! Seriously, I'm VERY excited! I've already got big plans for that thing! Thanks!

We had a great Christmas and it was nice to be with family. It will be fun to enjoy more holidays as our family grows and we're excited for next year with our nephew on the way!

Tuesday, December 8

eating "solids"

Wow! My little guy is old enough to start "real" food! (I don't know if I'd classify runny, baby cereal as food). He's been eyeing our food for a little while now so I knew he was definitely ready for his own!
We let him try it and he had a serious face at first and then... He thought it was the funnest thing ever! He likes "helping" every time the spoon gets close (as seen above) and he gets a funny thinkers look on his face for every bite. He's doing a lot better than his older brother did with starting solids, but I think it's just 'cause now he gets to join the table!

Tuesday, December 1

"it's the most wonderful time of the year..."

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday and weekend! It was so nice to have Bruce home for a few extra days and spending time together. We got to see "New Moon" and we also got our Christmas tree! It's our first Christmas in this house and I'm very excited about that! I love "fat" trees and my loving husband let me have the final say in what tree we got (since I think it matters more to me than him!) and I'm so glad because I picked one that I don't think he would've chosen! ;) Chase had a good time being with "the guys" (Grandpa and Daddy). He liked to pretend he was helping them. Bennett was, of course, oblivious to what was going on!

Here's Chase "helping" Grandpa get the tree set up in the house.

I LOVE having a big, fat Christmas trees, but then it came time to decorate it...
2 trips to the store for more lights later (plus we already had some from previous years) I finally got the tree all lit up!

Bruce put the star on top (and even if I wanted to do it myself, I couldn't reach it even using a chair, hahaha! wow, I'm short!)

It's nice not having any furniture in the front room...we didn't have to move anything in order to fit the tree! Yah! I have my big, fat Christmas tree, which for me is one of the best Christmas presents EVER!

Tuesday, November 24

going "home"

Last week we drove to southern Oregon where I grew up, for my "little" brother's wedding. It was the first time the whole "Chase" family has been together in a long time, and of course we had to visit our most favorite restaurant ever...SILVER DRAGON! Even though I don't live there anymore, I still have the restaurant's phone number in my phone contact list...just-in-case!
The little guy was having a good time with all the people around to be entertained by. He was all smiles pretty much the whole trip.

Chase was loving having his cousins around to play with. He was VERY excited to see his "Aunt Ame" as he says and his Papa "ooh ooh".

My brother got married in the Medford Temple, which is where Bruce & I got married a little over 6 years ago. It was so great to go back and have the whole family together in the temple!
We just met his wife (or re-met...I knew her as a little girl, but mostly remember her older siblings) and we think she's great! They are so cute and fun together. And we love telling everyone that my brother married his brother-in-law's cousin!
The night before the wedding I got sick, so I wasn't feeling all that great. My sister helped me with the wedding pictures and I have to say that I LOVE working with her! (believe me...that's a shocker!) She knows my style and helps a lot - thanks Amy!

All the little grandchildren wore matching clothes for the reception and family pictures and they looked so adorable! I don't have girls, but the little dresses they wore almost made me want one...(not quit!).

We had tickets to see the So You Think You Can Dance (season 5) concert tour that was showing that night but had to give them up when my little bro said he was getting married that day. After we got back we heard from our friends that we were supposed to go with that they got moved closer to the stage since their original seats had equipment in the way...of course they did!! That's okay though, my brothers wedding is a worthy substitute ;) !!!

Monday, November 9

yay for birthdays!

Fun part about turning 2 years old;
1. presents (which he can actually open mostly by himself!)
2. cake (which he now doesn't hesitate to devour)
3. spending the day with family and friends (who are all there to give him attention)
4. getting to pick what you wear (even if it doesn't match and makes mommy nuts!)

Not so fun part about turning 2 years old;
1. doctor's visits (and having to get 2 shots)
2. the tantrums get 2x stronger!

Chase had a "Cars" themed birthday this year. Most everything he got was Cars related and even his cupcakes had "Cars" wrappers. He was very excited when he saw his gifts wrapped in "Cars" wrapping paper and then the fun got that much better when he realized that wasn't the best part!

He's got the whole cake-eating thing down this year! It didn't take him long to dig right in!

All week I've been working with him and finally on his birthday it all came together - When we ask him how old he is (holding up 2 fingers) he'll say, "2"!
At 2 years old some of my favorite things he does:
When you ask him "Where's Superman?" or "Who's Superman?" he points to himself and says, "ME!"
He admits to having a "stinky" diaper.
He says, "I love you" back to us.
Whenever he's eating something he really likes he keeps saying, "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" over and over!
He talks/sings along with some of his favorite shows.

Tuesday, November 3

momma's boys

I've been trying to keep on the pictures since Bennett was born...knowing that inevitably he will have less pictures taken of him than his older brother as now I'm being pulled in multiple directions all the time.
We got the boys matching pajamas and I wanted a picture...when I look at it all I can think is that they don't really look much alike right now! Keeping Chase entertained is no easy task and a full time job! He likes to climb all over us and one of his favorite things is to run around the house pushing his shopping cart...so I pushed him for a while.
What a poser! He's definitely grown up around a camera.

Now that the baby is getting bigger I've been pulling out some of Chase's old toys for Bennett to have...except Chase thinks these old toys are fantastic again and keeps telling Bennett "mine!"
Oh well, at least the baby isn't old enough to care, yet...

Monday, November 2


So we really weren't planning on doing that much this year as far as Halloween goes, as we've all been sick and my kids are still young enough not to know what they are missing! But, we were feeling much better on Halloween and luckily last year's costume still fit!
We started the night by trick-or-treating Grandma and Grandpa's and this little guy couldn't believe his score! A full-size M&M bag just for him and a "Cars" toy too! He quickly caught on to the whole "treat" thing... Out little guy was "Benny the Beaver"! And, thank goodness OSU won their game, otherwise how depressing!
I was surprised at how many trick-or-treaters we had come to our house! It was fun to watch Chase run to the door everytime someone knocked, he loved seeing all the kids in their costumes. Bruce took him around the neighborhood to a few houses and he loved it.

Our friends stopped by so we could see their little guy in his costume...an OSU Beaver, it was awesome! He looked so great! These two love playing together.

I almost feel bad for Chase; he went around and collected all that candy and now Mom & Dad are eating most of it for him...almost feel bad!