"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Tuesday, August 25

spoons and watermelon rooms

The room is done - with the painting at least. We still have to put stuff on the walls and actually move the boys beds in there, but we're taking this at baby steps! (actually we have to wait until after my family leaves from there visit this coming weekend) I like how it turned out though! This little guy has been learning a lot! He's gotten really good at using his spoon & fork and he also has been learning lots of words. Although, I'm not sure I like what he's retaining...the other day I heard him talking to himself and this is what he was saying; "No, stop it! No, stop it!" over and over! I wonder where he heard that...can you tell we had a rather difficult day that day?!
We love taking the boat out and I even drove a few times! I'm pretty proud of myself for getting the boat onto the trailer in 1 try, I'd hate to have crashed our barely enjoyed boat!
Both the boys do really good on the boat (despite my sister's nightmares and fears...kids can be safe on a boat!)
We were taking a break for a minute so I could feed the little guy and this is when Chase likes to sit at the edge and splash his feet in the water (don't worry sis -they have life jackets!)
We're blessing the baby this weekend in church and I'm excited to have my family back in town to visit. Hey sis, wanna go out on the boat?!!!

Tuesday, August 11

our excellent boating adventure

I finally got to go out on our boat yesterday, and it was a lot of fun! We took off after Bruce got home from work and it was such a nice day...the water was over 70 degrees, which amazed me! Thanks to Bruce's cousin for coming with us so I could learn how to drive the boat and also have some fun on the wakeboard!
I'm soooo weak! I couldn't believe how fast my muscles got tired, it felt good to finally use them again though!

Chase even had a good time watching mommy & daddy wakeboard, he kept smiling and laughing at us and thought it was so funny that we were being dragged behind the boat in the water. He finally got in the water and swam a little bit...each time he goes out he gets a little more brave, one day we'll get him out on a tube or something!
It's not the easiest boat to surf behind (it's a ski boat, not a wakeboarding boat!) but that doesn't stop us from trying anyways!

I'm already getting excited to go out again, I missed half the summer being pregnant, now I've got to hurry and get all my summer fun in before it gets rainy and cold again!
I'm still missing a lot of brain cells, 'cause I completely forgot to get a picture of the boat! Oh well, maybe next time...

all the pretty horses

Saturday evening we decided to take the boys to the park. There is this cool indoor carousel there and Chase has never been on it. At first he wasn't too sure about it (he wouldn't ride on the moving horses) but once he saw he could just sit in the stationary wagon, he was good! He got to ride it twice, once with daddy and again with mommy! He was finally getting the hang of it and wanted to go again!
Afterwards we walked around and then took him to play on the playgroud. He's such an active, outdoor kid and we struggle to always keep up!