"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Saturday, July 16

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary!!

We celebrated the little guy's 2nd birthday a couple weeks ago! Right now his favorite thing is trains (thanks to big brother) so he got his very own train set to play with (hopefully that means no more sneaking off with his brother's while no one is looking!)
My boys are so different when it comes to eating cake...this one avoids the mess and just "dabbles" or licks the frosting
while this one really knows how to enjoy a cupcake!!!

Both the boys really love balloons and I think they had more fun playing with the balloons I got rather than any of the toys!

We also celebrated our 8 year anniversary the same week! We had a lot going on so we ended up celebrating over a couple different days...all the more memorable and fun!
My absolute favorite is lillies! There were 8 purple roses scattered throughout the lilly bouquet! Along with a beautiful silver locket, a couple dinners out and a night at the movies, we really know how to celebrate ;)
I got him a new wedding ring (since he lost his last year) and now he has to get used to wearing one all over again (ahhh, poor guy).
I LOVE YOU, and I'm still so happy with you and glad we are together!

Thursday, July 14

playing around

We finally started getting some nice, warm weather so we made sure to spend time outside to enjoy it! Chase was excited to have his picture taken and kept asking for more, while Bennett on the other hand, kept hiding from the camera...
He even ran behind a tree and would peek around to see if I was still watching; which I was!

As soon as we got the little pool filled with water both boys really had a great time! Chase loves to jump in and Bennett is quit entertained by his older brother, but content just playing on the side...who knows what Chase is going to do next!

Tuesday, July 5

silly boys

Poor Shasta; we love our dog...sometimes maybe just a little too much!
A rare occasion in which they played nicely together...for a little bit anyway!