"...God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

- Gen. 21:6

Tuesday, June 23

this and that...and first sentences!

We've been busy, but with what exactly I couldn't tell ya! I feel like we've been going a hundred miles and hour for the last couple weeks and I need some time to just stop! Between working (I did the photography for our stake girls camp and then a wedding for one of B.'s cousins -all last week) and getting things ready for the baby, I need a LONG nap!
Chase has discovered he LOVES to watch a movie...not any movie, but a very specific movie. He absolutely loves to watch "Bolt" and that is all he will watch. Here he is watching his favorite movie (which daddy & I have now memorized after seeing it too many times to count).
I've been doing a few projects for the new baby and one was getting his name sign ready for the room. It's a bad picture, but it'll have to do! I've also made a few burp cloths, a tag blankie, an i-spy bag (great for a reverent activity during church for big brother), and I'm working on sewing a skirt...that probably won't ever turn out, but I'm trying!

Lastly, we did have a good time for Father's Day. We added to daddy's collection of Superman shirts and he and Little Bubba enjoyed looking alike. Daddy got a few of his "favorite" things, but I know what he really wanted was a car...sorry babe! We love you though and appreciate all you do, you're a great dad! On Tuesday morning (also Grandma's birthday...) Chase finally said his first sentence!!! It shocked us both because he was so clear and we both understood him! Daddy was leaving for work and on his way out the door he said, "Bye Chase, I love you." and then Chase said... (wait for it...)
"I love you." !!!
Ahhh, how sweet! We can't get him to say it again, but that might be because we were both so shocked the first time we may have scared him...! He barely says any single words, let alone phrases, so for him to say that was amazing to us. I'm realizing that my "baby" is growing up and I'm not ready for him to! Make it stop!